420 Clock - 420_fast_buds_clock

420 Clock


  • High-quality construction. As always, we use only the highest-quality materials and construction.
  • Classical style is timeless. This clock has the most traditional mechanism: analog. There is nothing like a good old-fashioned clock for dependability and solidity.
  • Developed in California. Designed in-house by the most creative minds at our headquarters.

Never forget that it's always 4:20 someplace, as we often say! This clock will always display the correct time.

Any ordinary clock would disagree with our life slogan, but not this one. We created it to make our words come true: it's always 4:20 someplace, and with this clock, your location will be a perfect illustration of our statement.

It will always show 4:20, no matter what, and will also offer you an indication as to where else this "stoner time" might be found.

Relax and never rush; take your time to simplify your life; and smoke a joint whenever you want. It's always the right time!