420 Grinder - 420_fast_buds_grinder_v1

420 Grinder


You never know where 4:20 is going to catch you!

  • Light and sharp. Acrylic provides excellent grinding performance while being lightweight.
  • The perfect size It's easy to transport and holds just enough cannabis to grind the ideal amount.
  • Tray for storing things If you have any leftover weed after rolling, this grinder has a section for it.

  • With our clothing, you'll always be ready for 4:20! You must grind your weed before rolling a joint or producing edibles, regardless of how you consume it. We've got this covered! This grinder is reasonably priced, yet it boasts razor-sharp diamond-shaped teeth that will grind your weed to perfection. Its design was meticulously crafted by smokers for smokers: the magnet in the center of the grinding divider safely closes it, allowing for more comfortable grinding. Below you will discover a section to store the already ground weed in case you overestimate your quantities or have some leftovers after rolling, letting you keep everything together, which is especially crucial if you are not at home and don't have much equipment on hand. It's also simple to clean and difficult to break, which is a significant consideration for such a critical piece of smoking equipment.

    It has a print with our famous emblem and a link to our website on the top lid, in case some of your friends want to know where those beautifully fragrant buds that you're grinding up came from.