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420 Hemp Hat


In-house design, trade show success

  • Fabric made entirely of hemp Discover the most distinctive natural fabrics.
  • UV radiation protection is 95%. It's an excellent summer accessory.
  • The design is embroidered. The design parts are embroidered, and the main 420 logo has a 3D structure.
  • Vegan-friendly. And also environmentally friendly.
  • Developed in-house. The Fast Buds crew hails from California.
  • A single size fits all. You don't have to be concerned about the size because it is adjustable and will fit any head.

Our merchandise is designed to be worn proudly and to shout loudly to the world about what you love!  With this 100% hemp Fast Buds cap, you can show that you only grow the best.

Our Fast Buds HQ team created this beautiful, high-crowned, flat-brimmed hat in-house. Previously available solely to trade show goers in US, we are now making our high-quality clothing available to the rest of the world.

Discover the unique qualities of hemp cloth with this stylish black hat that will go with any outfit. Hemp fabric is more resistant than cotton and yet has all of the fantastic attributes of a natural tissue: it's breathable and hypoallergenic and will keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather, but that's not all of this material's amazing properties.

Furthermore, hemp fabric will shield your head from 95% of UV rays, making it ideal for hot climates during the summer season. Hemp cloth, unlike other materials, contains antibacterial characteristics that help to keep unwanted odors at bay.

So, doesn't it sound like the ideal accessory for, say, a skater?

Never forget that no matter what the clock says, it's always 4:20 someplace!

This 420 Hemp Hat is made from 100% hemp material for a durable yet lightweight feel. Its modern shape and adjustable strap make it a perfect fit for any style. The hat is breathable and comfortable, making it ideal for any outdoor activity.