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420 Socks


Make an effort to look your best.

  • Display your 420 pride. Every detail counts!
  • Built to last and provide comfort. Made from high-quality combed cotton.
  • A single size fits all. Stretches to 40-45 EU/9-13 US sizes.

Fast Buds' 4:20 socks will make you stand out! These magnificent black and green crew socks feature our distinctive Fast Buds insignia and are just what you need to take your outfit to the next level. They're built for design, comfort, and, most importantly, durability.

Fast Buds crew socks are extremely comfortable and can handle everyday wear, complementing different outfits with class and without being too extra. They are made with high-quality combed cotton to ensure the colors won't fade while being perfectly stretchy; it doesn't matter if you're wearing a suit or with shorts for a louder message.

Rep the best autoflowers and elevate your look with Fast Buds' 420 crew socks!